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October 5th, 2008

A pictorial walk-through. We’ll assume that you’re already at the product page of whatever you want to buy, since most artists have direct links to that on their sites.

Depending on your credit card provider you may be redirected to some dodgy-looking authentication site. I have a Mastercard and it redirects to, complete with a security warning from Firefox. Just dismiss it, things will continue as planned, and you’ll get redirected back to dlsite.

Enjoy your porn. Don’t share it with others.

Treadmills - Nanoha and Fate

September 12th, 2008

Nanoha and Fate tied up on treadmills :o

Variants and character sheets to come. :o

Pretty Cure - Honoka and Nagisa

September 12th, 2008

Honoka and Nagisa tied in one-piece cheerleading uniforms. :o


Also, a design sheet showing off the uniforms :o

Court Bound

September 12th, 2008

Second commission by Mega Bondagemon. Jess and Jen have been left tied up on a netball court. :o


Jess in Trouble

September 12th, 2008

My first commission from Mega Bondagemon. This is my OC Jess after getting into some trouble with a special leotard she had made for her…


Design diagram for the leotard, if you’re into engineering porn:

Jess and Laura (Incomplete)

September 12th, 2008

Note: Laura is D-Mizton’s original character, used with permission, all copyright and shiz (c) him.

“left early was sick sorry :(”

Jess frowned as she read the message, snapping her phone shut.

“Stupid Jen… I wanted to show you what I ordered…” she sighed to herself, having stuck around after school to meet up with her.

Just a little disappointed, she collected her bag and started to leave, pausing as she heard a sharp crash followed by a set of tinkles coming from the room next door.

She cautiously crept next door, slowly sliding the door to the science room open and slinking inside. She could see the door to the supply room at the back was open, the built-in window smashed with shards of glass lying on the floor inside.

Gulping, she walked up, peering around the corner to find a pink-haired girl in uniform rummaging through the chemical supplies, her back to her and oblivious.

Not wanting to disturb what could be a budding pyromaniac, Jess turned to leave, letting out a hiss as she accidently kicked a shard of glass, sending it skittering across the floor. She looked down in surprise, before turning to face the girl, finding her looking straight at her with piercing blue eyes, her arm swinging high over her shoulder.

Before Jess could fully absorb all this she felt something impact right beside her hand with a dull thud, her eyes going wide as she saw a heavy blade piercing her blazer sleeve and pinning it to the door frame, narrowingly missing her arm inside.

She felt faint, almost managing to let out a scream before the girl grabbed her by her hair, pulling a taser from her pocket in front of Jess’s face.

“Don’t move, don’t scream.” the girl ordered, letting go of Jess roughly.

Jess could only whimper, falling to her knees, her right arm still held above her by the knife embedded in her sleeve.

The girl walked past Jess, picking up her dropped bag, before starting to rummage through it. Jess sat watching stunned, before suddenly snapping out of it as she remembered what was in there.

“Uh, wait…” she said softly, watching in surprise as the girl actually seemed to pause.

Jess’s relief was short-lived as the girl turned around smiling, holding a large rubber wiffle-ball gag from the bag.

“Is this yours?” she teased, a smirk on her face.

“N-No, I mean, that’s for a friend!” Jess stammered, starting to blush.

The girl laughed to herself, before turning back to the bag, her body blocking Jess’s view. Despite every effort to crane her head around to see, all that was visible was the motions of her attacker pulling things out of her bag and laying them out on the bench. After a long, embaressing pause, the girl turned around with an evil smile on her face, striding forward towards Jess.

Jess found herself frozen to the spot, still deciding whether to try to fight or free herself, when she felt a hand grip her shoulder. A split-second later she found herself on the floor, the knife being pulled from her sleeve as the girl closed the door and locked it, trapping her inside the cramped store room.

“Ah! Ow!” Jess protested as she felt herself getting pulled up by the back of her jacket.

“Ssh. Walk.” The girl ordered, prodding Jess in the back with the knife.

Her heart racing, Jess could only nod and comply, letting out a gasp as the girl reached into her pockets and took her phone and wallet. Her anger quickly gave way to embaressment, as she saw the contents of her bag spread out over the bench in front of her.

“Very interesting things you’ve got here… Jess.” The girl teased, flicking Jess’s wallet shut and placing it on the bench, her phone following.

Jess said nothing, feeling herself blush as she looked over the ballgag, custom-made bondage leotard, and the myriad other things she had brought to use on Jen.

“You’re lucky though, I want to see more of these. If you were anyone else we would have already parted ways.”

“…w-who are you?” Jess stammered, unable to think of anything else to say.

“Laura. That’s all you’re getting.” the girl replyed, an annoyed tone in her voice. “Now why don’t you tell me about this?” she asked, looking down at the leotard.

“W-well… it’s something I had made for a friend… those straps, uh, go around her arms…” Jess struggled to explain, both nervous and embaressed, but continuing as she saw the girl listening impatiently.

“Uh, the straps tighten when the zipper’s done up… and there’s a release at the top…” she gulped before continuing “…and a spot for a lock…”

“Mhmm.” Laura hummed, running her hand over the garment.
“And the fabric? It’s thicker and heavier, right?”

“…there’s, uh, two layers of lycra… with a wire weave inbetween…” Jess explained, blushing.

“Hmm, interesting. Put it on.” Laura said bluntly, putting the leotard down on the bench beside her.

“W-what?! Here?!” Jess protested, not wanting to undress in front of some psychopath, least of all into something that would leave her helpless.

“Yes.” Laura said, holding up the knife as an effective end to the sentence.

“I-I… b-b-but…” Jess stammered, looking distraught, before swallowing and reaching for her tie.

Easing the tie loose before pulling it over her head, Jess slipped out of her jacket and started undoing the buttons down her shirt. As the V-shaped opening got larger and larger Jess blushed more and more, as her chest, then bra, then stomach all revealed themselves, before she slipped out of the shirt completely, letting it fall to the floor.

After pausing to shiver, mostly out of nervousness than being cold, Jess reached for the waistband of her skirt, blushing as she undid the clasp. Letting the skirt fall down her legs, she stepped out of her school shoes, before removing her knee-socks.

Jess stood waiting for Laura to hand her the leotard, trying to cover herself, standing in just her white bra and panties.

“I’m pretty sure gymnasts don’t wear underwear underneath their outfits…” Laura hinted with a smirk.

Hiyori (Incomplete)

September 12th, 2008

“Ah… come on…” Hiyori muttered, struggling to manevuer the key into the lock, her hands shaking with anxiety.

With several small clicks the key slid inside, bringing forth a sigh from her as she unlocked the front door, stepping inside out of the rain.

She hurried upstairs, barely pausing to kick her shoes off as she climbed the stairs, her socked feet struggling to maintain grip on the polished wooden boards. Reaching the top she practically dived into her room, closing the door behind, her heart racing.

With trembling hands she reached into her shopping bag, arranging the contents on her bed. It’d had taken her most of the day to find shops that both had these items and that would sell them to her, but she couldn’t help smiling as she set her eyes on the gym uniform, ballgag, handcuffs and other surprises she had bought.

“Well, time to get started, I guess…” she thought out loud, bringing her hands forward, starting to unbutton her shirt.

Slipping out of the shirt, her skirt soon followed, and after a brief pause, her panties and bra too. Feeling a slight chill, she picked up the tight lycra gym bloomers, frowning slightly as she noticed she had bought the wrong size.

“At least they can stretch…” she thought to herself, stepping into the bloomers, pulling them up her legs before smoothing them over her hips. She stretched, looking behind her, find the fabric clinging tightly to her, fitting almost like panties.

She then picked up the t-shirt, slipping her arms inside, before pulling it over her head. She smoothed it down her body, giving a few tugs at the waistband pulling her hands away. A look in the mirror revealed the thin fabric did little to hide her breasts, not helped by her lack of a bra. The bottom of the shirt just barely covered the top of her bloomers, and she smiled as she feigned embaressment, trying to tug the shirt down to cover them to no avail.

Now dressed again, Hiyori knelt down, feeling the carpet rubbing against her bare legs as she pulled a box out from under her bed. Pulling out several long lengths of coiled rope and placing them on the bed, she pushed the box back under before sitting down beside the rope.

Carefully prying the packaging opening, she pulled out the handcuffs she had bought. Made of metal and joined with a short chain, the special feature of these cuffs was their locks. In place of a keyhole, there were four numbered dials set into the metal, currently reading 0000.

Turning the dials idlly, Hiyori picked up the half-destroyed cardboard backing, reading the instructions.

“Default combination is 9275… cuffs open when the combination is correct and the release catch is pulled… can set a custom combination with the highlighted catch…” she read, skimming over the instructions, now flicking the cuffs open and shut.

“Nine-two-seven-five, nine-two-seven-five…” she repeated to herself, trying to memorize it as she picked up one of the ropes, draping it loosely around her neck.

“Nine-two-seven-five…” she continued, starting to tie knots in the rope hanging down the front of her body, gulping as she stood up, pulling the rope between her legs and feeding it up behind her. She stopped her recitation, struggling to remember the next steps, before nodding to herself and continuing to weave the ropes around her body.

“Nine-seven-two-five…” she started again, feeding the ends of the rope through the loop between her breasts, before pulling tight. She let out a gasp as the whole tie pulled around her, the ropes pulling between and around her breasts, forcing them out, straining against the shirt.

“N-nine-seven-two-five…” she repeated, the rope between her legs not just pulling tight, but rubbing against her through the bloomers as she finished tying off the rope at her waist. She stood up, letting out another gasp as the ropes rubbed against her as she moved, constricting her body.

Already feeling twinges of arousal, she walked over her bedside table, pulling a small egg vibrator and the wired controller out, along with a small roll of tape. Straining to pull the crotchrope out far enough to get clearance, she taped the vibrator to the outside of the rope a few inches down from the waist ropes. Feeling another rush of excitement, she finished by taping the vibrator controller to her thigh, partitially covering the slider with the tape as she wrapped the tape around.

With a sigh she pulled her legs up off the floor, pulling them together in front of her, before taking another length of rope. Tying a slipknot, she started wrapping the rope around her ankles, feeling them being pulled closer together with each added turn. Coming close to the end of the rope she stopped, before feeding the rope between her shins a few times. With one last pull she felt the ropes pull even tight as she tied off the cince knot, the ropes creaking as she pulled.

Hiyori smiled to herself, sitting wriggling her toes, brought back to reality by the roar of distant thunder outside. She picked up the large rubber wiffle-ball gag by the straps, holding it loosely in front of her.

“Nine-seven-two-five.” she repeated to herself one last time, before opening her mouth and slipping the ball inside, bring her hands together behind her head. After fumbling briefly with the buckle, she pulled the strap tight, feeling her cheeks pulled back slightly by the tightness of it.

“Mmmph… MMMPH!” she shouted into the gag, testing it out. With the large ball filling her mouth and pinning her tongue down, all that escaped were muffled moans. She smiled to herself, before picking up the last length of rope, looking over her shoulder as she fed it behind the rope running from between her legs to behind her neck. Tying it off at this end, she sat up, feeding it between her bound ankles and beginning to pull.

“Mm-mmph!” She let out a groan as she fell forwards onto her stomach, continuing to pull her ankles up behind her. Feeling her heels touch her lycra-covered buttocks, she started knotting off the rope, the awkward position and the constant tugging of the crotchrope not helping her. After a short while she managed to tie it off, letting out a moan as she tested the hogtie, kicking her legs futiley.

“Ah, that’s right…” she thought, feeling something hard pressing against her thigh as she struggled. Reaching down with one hand, she pushed the slider of the vibrator controller, it’s motion stopped abrubtly as it slid under the tape holding the controller to her leg. After a short pause, she let out an involuntary moan as the vibrator flicked on, buzzing close to her, the motions transmitted strongly through the taught crotchrope.

“Ahhh… m-maybe it’s too…” she thought, interupted as the vibrations disappeared, the vibrator set to ‘random’. “Ahh…”

Pulling herself up onto her elbows, Hiyori felt her heart racing as she picked up the handcuffs. She closed her eyes, spinning the dials at random, before snapping the cuff around one wrist, easing herself down as she reached behind her.

“Nine-seven-two-five…” she reminded herself, feeding the other cuff behind a rope on her, grabbing it from the other side with her unrestrained hand.

“Here goes…” she thought to herself, before placing her wrist in the metal crescent of the cuff, before pushing it closed with a set of small clicks.

She paused for a second, savouring the sensation of her now-complete bondage. The coarse ropes encircled her body from her neck to her legs, both constricting and exploiting her. The ropes around her chest ran above and below her breasts, cinched closer together by the rope in the middle. Hiyori could feel the ropes forcing her breasts out, almost straining at the gym shirt, her stiff nipples rubbing against the fabric.

Behind her, she could feel the metal cuffs locked around her wrists, digging into her slightly. Though the rest of her arms were unrestrained, the cuff’s chain was looped under a rope between her shoulders, which meant her wrists were pulled high up her back and crossed, leaving her without almost no possibility of movement anyway. Straining to see over her shoulder, she found she could just reach the dials of the combination lock with her fingers, though she found it tiring due to the awkward positioning.

Stretched tight around her hips were the lycra bloomers, slightly lower cut on her legs than normal panties. Without underwear underneath, the material held tight to her body, pulled even closer by the rope going between her legs, parting her buttocks and threatening to reveal the outline of her slit as it tugged at her crotch.

Hiyori let out a sigh as she rolled onto her side, before attempting to stretch her legs, stopped quickly by the short rope, her sigh turning into a gasp as the crotchrope was pulled tight. Closing her eyes, she slowly started to kick her feet, feeling the rope rub against her through the bloomers with each tug.

Her eyes shot open as she felt the vibrator start up again, the low buzzing transmitted through the rope over her slit. She found a low moan escaping from her lips through the gag, the stimulation almost over-powering compared to just that of the crotchrope. Closing her eyes, she imagined a certain upper-classman standing over her, vibrator control in hand.

“S-senpai…” she gasped into her gag, the gasp turning into an annoyed growl as the vibrator shut off, leaving her unfulfilled. “Mmhhh…”

Rolling onto her stomach, she arched her back, reaching for the controller on her thigh with her cuffed hands. She winced as she strained, the steel on the handcuffs digging into her wrist as her fingertips barely reached past her waist, unable to even properly grip the crotchrope let alone the vibrator slider.

An introduction

September 12th, 2008

This isn’t going to be much of an introduction.

Basically I like anime and bondage and this is where I’ll be writing a lot about both. I’m quite happy to give back to the community, and I do this through commissioning pictures and fics, as well operating things like the bondage imageboard and DID imageboard.

I also do a bit of colouring and fic-writing, though I’m hardly prolific.

More to come as I think of it. :P